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We know life is chaotic!

So, how do two neighbors (and friends) with two incompatible world views discuss controversial topics, and remain friends in the process, while asking the question...




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How it all happened!

Well, it's funny because it was the first time we met. Like normal neighbors we found ourselves talking across our fence while taking in the fresh morning air, and after the conversation carried on a bit Brian came over to my place and we sat on the porch and talked some more. Then later we had lunch at Brian’s and kept talking...then played VR...League...kept talking...and had dinner. After 19 hours of talking, joking, laughing, and hanging out around several unhealthy meals, we both figured it would be a good time to call it a night...or a morning? Yea it was a long conversation, and it went until the next morning…

Why’d we talk so long? Well we both are kind of chatty, there’s no hiding that, but 19 hours?? What’s with that?...Well Brian is an atheist skeptic, and I am a Christian-theist (as opposed to culturally christian)...so we talked about pretty much every topic our different world-views touch, which is pretty much everything there is to talk about, and yea - that takes time. The strange thing is that it was fun...like only fun, and not painful at all. Of course, this is the opposite of what we’re raised to believe about people who have different views, or even opposing views - they are supposed to be a drain and conversations are supposed to be maddening...not fun. Still, it was fun.

We became friends that day and started hanging out a bit more when we got the chance. After having more conversations and generally ‘chill’ hangouts talking about random stuff, Brian asked me one day if I would be interested in starting a Podcast with him. Of course it sounded awesome to me and, if you couldn’t guess, it also sounded fun lol. Still, both of us didn’t want to do a podcast just for the fun. Rather, in all our conversations about controversial political issues, and various other ‘problems’ in society, a consistent theme that popped up was “ok, what can we do about it then?” Following this thought, that’s kind of what the podcast is about.

Thanks for visiting!

Brian & Aaron



Why Entropy Pod?

At entropypod we have our atheist and our theist, as neighbors and friends, looking at things from our two different perspectives - in order to find common ground, and common solutions that both ‘camps’ can cooperatively participate in.


#1. We can do something, namely (and that is...)

#2. We can do nothing (because….)

#3. We have to wait and look into it some more until we know if we can do something or nothing

We end every episode by asking the question, “what can we do about it then” and we try to answer it in one of three ways:

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Real Conversations

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The podcast deals with controversial issues and different topics that, usually, are at least ‘labeled’ off limits, and sometimes for good reasons, other times, not so much.

This is a real conversation from two people who really want to make a difference.

If you want to jump in the conversation as well and be part of making a difference, go ahead and subscribe, join us on Patreon and vote on topics, and listen in to hear some of the solutions proposed and be ready to play an active role in fixing some of the issues that we all like to talk about, but do nothing about. Let’s change that together.