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1 - Jussie Smollett & Covington Catholic



1) Intro

2) 02:38 - Topics

3) 10:40 - Getting into it - Jussie Smollett

4) 17:55 - CCK’s


6) 34:00 - Atheist and Christian suggestions

7) 42:00 - Fox News is da bestest

8) 45:00 - The news can be unreliable, but what do we do?

9) 50:15 - Here’s our proposal: Talk to each other

10) 53:30 - Summary

11) 54:20 - How to become a part of what we’re doing


0:00 - Brian spent some time Hiking in the arctic with his Friend Max - after the experience Brian says he feels closer to Max, and they are now friends forever.

2:38 - Getting into the podcast. We have problems with media bias - like everyone else, but we want to qualify our position...not everything is fake news.

5:25 - Details and clarification #FAKENEWS!!! #WATCHITBURN!! Big question here: how many times can a news agency get it wrong without retractions before they can be called “Fake News?” - the answer: We don’t know, but we should talk about it and take it seriously...or else we all may indeed become dumbasses.

JS's BS:

10:40 - Jussie Smollett BS? He wanted to be on his show longer so he faked a hate crime, paid by check, and terified gay americans and trump supporters at the same time. Still, the media ran with his truth like it was the Kentucky derby...that’s a problem.

Entertainment Tonight’s short summary...before they found out he was lying.

Official Statement from Superintendent of Chicago Police Department

Trevor Noah on the same topic

The TNT NBA crew on the same topic


17:55 - Covington Catholic School Kids...also known as the terrifying CCK’s. They’re even worse than the good’ol KKK from glory days gone by...far more sinister...they smile...when grown men beat drums in their face...see for yourself here:

The way to talk about it:

The way not to talk about it:

But wait there’s more...the true Israelites who stood as witnesses.

Who are these “black Hebrew Israelites” you ask?